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TetChair company appeared on Russian market as a supplier of quality office chairs manufactured in Taiwan. The assortment of furniture consisted of 9 items. The staff of the company was 3 employees.


TetChair Company opened new branch office in St. Petersburg. The assortment of office armchairs was considerably expanded; computer tables started to sale. The company's staff was increased to 15 employees.


The corporate department was opened for Moscow companies providing various constructions at customer’s office space. Staff was increased to 20 employees.


TetChair Company started imports and sales of furniture from Malaysia with such product groups as tables, chairs, dining groups and beds. This step gave a boost for development of a new direction in the company's activity called "Furniture for the House".

Wholesale division assortment included office accessories.


Office chairs factory in Ramenskoe (Moscow region) was opened. The company's staff at the end of the year increased to 48 employees.


TetChair Company started cooperation with well-known federal network stores, such as Auchan, Technosila and MVideo.
A supply contract was signed with Komus.


TetChair Company started the first deliveries of natural rattan furniture (furniture sets, "Papasan" and "Mamasan" chairs, newspaper racks, rocking chairs). The assortment of office chairs manufactured at Tetchair’s factory was actively expanded. Clothes hangers and series of computer desks were put into production.


The first retail stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg were opened.


New branch of TetChair Company was opened in Rostov-on-Don. New technologies were implemented at the factory. That allowed to produce the complicated technical products, such as pedestals for shoes.


The Internet shop EZAKAZ.RU was opened and showed incredible sales. Series of soft frameless furniture "Duches"( sofa, armchair and pouf ) were put into production. Replica paintings of famous artists were imported and sold in wide range.


Two retail stores were opened in Moscow. New standards of personnel management were introduced on the basis of an assessment of KPI performance. The company staff exceeded 100 employees.


The assortment of imported Furniture for Home and products from Tetchair factory was actively expanded in the frames of existing and new commodity groups. The assortment of rattan furniture is expanded. Exclusive collection of furniture from black rattan is added.


The assortment of Furniture for Home and products from Tetchair factory was increased in the frames of existing product groups. Training and subsequent certification of sales personnel were conducted.


Commercial relations with well-known retailers, such as Auchan, and Eldorado were actively developed. The number of wholesale customers overcame 500 across the Russian Federation.


Extensive research was carried out before the global change in the company's assortment policy and thus laid the foundation for the future growth of the Company. The sales for strategic partners Komus & Kirgu greatly increased.


The dealership agreement was signed with GREEN-R, which allowed to expand significantly the collection of dining group in Country style.
Classic Belgian sofas in natural leather were introduced on Russian market, which became the flagships of the product group of Soft furniture.
«The BED» Product group was accomplished with new collection of iron beds in English style and expanded with economy-class bedroom sets from Malaysia.
The creation of exclusive rattan furniture collection was completed.
The range and number of suppliers of dining groups from Malaysia was increased.
For the first time, customers were offered numerous interior and household items from Taiwan and Vietnam, which showed phenomenal sales.
The assortment of goods was replenished with bedside tables, cabinets, ironing boards with rattan baskets, which showed steady sales.
An excellent addition to the assortment line was accessories in the Colonial style from Portugal.
A number of measures were taken to improve the quality of the products produced in the production of armchairs.


EZAKAZ.RU e-shop is currently working across all of regions in Russian Federation. Due to drastic raise of sales of office chairs (TetChair Company own production), it was decided to increase production capacity of this commodity group.
TetChair Company has signed exclusivity agreements with several main international furniture, decor and textile companies and expanded exclusive assortment of furniture, clocks, lightning and kitchen textiles in French and colonial styles.
New sets of white rattan furniture were displayed at a spring furniture exhibition.
A new collection of bamboo items for kitchen and bathroom has become available for sale.
Milano collection was enlarged.
New collections of textile products, (such as table covers, kitchen textile, chair cushions, curtains, bedspreads), iron garden dining sets and racks, as well as a collection of mango wooden shelves with combination of ceramic kitchen ware have been introduced for the first time under French brand Secret de Maison.
TetChair Company has begun cooperation with several clients in Crimea peninsula.